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The carts on this page do not reflection current our current inventory. The carts depicted reflect carts that are commonly available. If you are interested in having your cart that you currently own, these are carts that we service and can get parts and accessories for. If you have a service related question please fill out a request form and we will reach out to help answer all your questions.

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We carry the full line of Club Car vehicles including gas, DC drive powered electric, High Performance AC drive electric cart with both Flooded Lead Acid batteries and Lithium-Ion batteries. We also inventory street legal vehicles which can expand the intended usage of your new cart.

*All new vehicles come with a 2-year Limited Factory Warranty. Brown’s Service Wisconsin Golf will provide free delivery up to 50 miles from our location. If you are interested in discussing financing options, Club Car and Brown’s Service Wisconsin Golf utilize Sheffield Financial. There are several promotional packages for qualifying purchasers.